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Key to a successful career is how the individual relates and communicates with others. Being able to communicate clearly and openly, listen empathetically, being flexible, able to adapt, collaborate and influence are part of it. Understanding and managing yourself, working under stress and managing your relationships are another part.

The courses in this section are intended for in-house delivery only and are designed to be readily customized.

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Soft skills – Professional Development Courses

Courses Time Duration
Creative and Critical Thinking A two-day training course on the power of positive thinking and communication.
Conflict resolution This two-day program provides participants with the tools to face and resolve conflicts in a win-win manner
Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace The meaning and potential of emotional intelligence. This is a 1 or 2 days course.
Conducting successful meetings How to organize and conduct a meeting without wasting time. 1 to 2 days course.
Presentation Skills Enhance your ability to make effective presentations. Programs available for beginners and advanced level - 2 day program.
Problem Solving and Decision making Every person in the workplace is charged with reacting to and identifying problems, determining an approach to their resolution and then engaging in the decision making process to realize these solutions. This is a 2-3 days program.
SIX Thinking Hats The key decision making tool from the De Bono school. One day program for corporate.
How to work in a Team Fulfill your role as a team member, contribute to the team, support for an effective team to deliver objectives. A 2 day workshop.
Effective communication A 3 days program on effective listening and communication. If communication is not clear and accurate, it is not successful.
Time management Contribute more to your company and improve the quality of your personal life by developing greater control of your time and workload. A 1 to 3 days program.
First Time Manager (FTM) Enhance your role from a team member to a team manager, setting objectives, delegation and handling a team. A 2 days course on managerial skills.
Leadership skills A comprehensive workshop which includes Change management, Conflict resolution, dealing with difficult people, Decision making, Negotiation, Strategy and Business Planning.

Domain Trainings

Basics of Banking – This is workshop for beginners in banking domain with a curriculum on basics of retail banking, RBI guidelines, AML KYC guidelines, Overview on banking operations.

Basics of Insurance and Investments – A workshop on basics of insurance and investments which includes IRDA and AMFI guidelines, BSE-NSE, Asset management companies, Registrar and Transfer agents, overview of operations.

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) – This is a foundation course for beginners in IT which gives the candidates a general awareness of the key elements, concepts and terminologies used in ITIL.

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Our Expertise

Training Need Analysis:

The most important factor considered before implementing an effective training program is the Training Need Analysis (TNA). If the programs are to be effective, they must meet the needs of the participants and the businesses. Needs and objectives are the prime factors while developing the course contents. With our trained and experienced personnel at Brain Studio, we are able to tailor make the course for each of the businesses based on their needs and end objectives sought from the programs.

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Training Evaluation:

Training evaluation is a continual and systematic process of assessing the value or potential value of a training program, course, activity or event. Results of the evaluation are used to guide decision-making around various components of the training.
At Brain Studio, we use the Kirkpatrick’s Learning and Evaluation methodology and PERT Techniques to assess the effectiveness of training. A training program is successful only if the learning is implemented in business. This 4-level method helps to measure the effectiveness of the training in an objective way. This helps businesses and participants analyze the ROI from the programs.