Art-based training, the new era of training and coaching, is the innovative and creative way of providing training to participants to think out of the box and creating a non-linear passage for thinking.

Art based is the unconventional method of training to tickle the creative part of the brain and bring out inventive minds in problem solving, communication and other business areas to contribute to the organization’s bottom-line.

ABTS emphasizes on the left brain – right brain coordination, combining the imagination of the right brain and the analytical and logical reasoning skills of the left brain, because innovation is the key to an organization’s success.

ABT can be applied to :
Develop creative leaders
Help team building and team playing
Managing and maintaining a creative team
Communicate eloquently
Adapt to change
Improving collaboration and team work
Persuasion techniques
What organizations can expect :
Create think tanks to experiment “What if” scenarios
Foster and appreciate different points of view
Reduce meeting costs – reduce time in arriving at a consensus and reduce conflicts
Effective and collaborative teams
Build trust and retain talent
Shift perceptions
Share strategies successfully using top-down approach

Imagine the kinds of results you and your team will be able to produce when you’ve unlocked creativity and applied it to innovation. Crack the creativity code through our programs.

The arts are emerging as a role model for business and government organizations because the arts excel in areas where managers struggle the most: chaos, diversity, ambiguity, envisioning the future and the ability to dare to break molds. (Wall Street Journal 8/19/03).


happy clients say about us

  • Great experience and good training session.

    Kathiresan Asst. Exec Engr, DRIP
  • An inspiring talk and a great motivation through training.

    C.Subitha Asst Exec Engr, CIVIL, MTPS-I
  • Topic oriented speech, Fluency of topic, making the participants enjoy the session, Bold face lift as a trainer – Thank you madam

    R. Tamizhselvi Exec Engr. TNEB.