Brain Studio, is a Chennai based company, managed by a group of professionals with over 15 years of hands-on industry experience. Human resource is the fuel to any business. Talent management and retention of acquired talent requires constant nurturing from the management and we at Brain Studio understand this better than anyone else. Building on more our experience, we add real value to our clients through domain expertise plus solutions with proven success in the field and world-class service. It’s how we keep you moving forward.

Our Mission as training and QUALITY consulting company is to design and deliver exceptional, affordable and comprehensive workshops and consulting for people and organizations. We strive to prove a return on investment with every delivery and provide services that continually meet and exceed the needs of our clients, participants, and partners. Our programs aim to provide businesses with the required trainings that they need to move forward in the field. We have a superb track record, with a list of delighted customers, whose satisfaction is only exceeded by the contentment of the people who have been trained by us. We closely work in partnership with our clients and ensure that training courses and facilities that we provide are designed specifically and customized to suit their requirements and specifications. We ensure that all learning is delivered in the most adaptable and comfortable environment with appropriate training methods adopted to meet their training needs.

Our Purpose
For everyone – students, trainers, businesses, institutions and communities, to realize the potential and transform through impactful transference of knowledge, to help businesses and organizations implement quality management and maintain high level of quality standards in their products and services.
Our Mission
To build a system that is easy to use, affordable, comprehensive and customizable. To deliver training materials, training, consulting and results that will help people and companies perform to the best of their abilities.
Our Vision

At Brain Studio, we constantly strive for excellence. We aim to add real value to our customers by providing innovative training solutions and “Quality” consultancy services.

We know that trust and respect are not the products of clever marketing; they are the result of well delivered, reliable and exceptional service. At Brain Studio, we are proud that our services meet and exceed these standards and we endeavor to continue developing our team, our products, our services and our strategy to further excel on your behalf.


happy clients say about us

  • Great experience and good training session.

    Kathiresan Asst. Exec Engr, DRIP
  • An inspiring talk and a great motivation through training.

    C.Subitha Asst Exec Engr, CIVIL, MTPS-I
  • Topic oriented speech, Fluency of topic, making the participants enjoy the session, Bold face lift as a trainer – Thank you madam

    R. Tamizhselvi Exec Engr. TNEB.